Autumn Nature Lantern

Do you have a wild little dreamer? I certainly do, and we love lighting up the darkness with these sweet nature lanterns made from recycled items and beautiful nature treasures; they are the perfect size for kids to play, learn, dream and explore!

Here's what you will need to make your lantern: • 1x recycled container ( we used the bottom half of a vinegar bottle). • 1x pipe cleaner or ribbon/string for the handle • Sticky tape (you can also use mod podge if you prefer) • Dry, pressed nature treasures (leaves & flowers). • 1x tea light battery candle (a real lit candle will melt the plastic) • Hole punch

Lets Create: 1. Wash your container & cut in half, using the bottom section. 2. Hole punch the sides for the handle 3. Decorate your lantern with dry, pressed leaves and flowers. You can also use crayons, paint, glitter, anything your wildly creative heart desires. We used sticky tape to cover and firmly press each leaf/flower - it worked perfectly. 4. Add your pipe cleaner/handle material through the holes, tie/ knot to secure. 5. Optional: Add a few mini pegs onto your lantern for collecting extra treasures. 6. Add in your battery operated candle and lets explore! ----------------- That's it! I hope you enjoy your beautiful, unique nature lanterns. My daughter doubled her fun and used her lantern as a treasure collector too, gathering gum nuts and sticks. Please tag myself on Instagram @_littlwrenplays, I would love to come and see your creations. Have fun wildlings,

Emily @_littlewrenplays. #littlenaturebugs #naturecraft #flowers #autumn

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