Mythical Journals

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Explore your wild imagination through our Mythical Journal Series fostering Gentle Child Learning.


At Little Wrens Treehouse we see the magic and wonder in every child.
We gravitate towards the great outdoors to dream and to see the wonders of the world, and learning always follows.

We are inspired by the Steiner education approach - fostering the child. By removing the pressures on children and allowing the child's free spirit to soar, dream and learn through wild open play and curiosity. Education is not a race, it is something to gently embrace.

I wanted to create something special for your wildlings to dream, to explore and to hold right at their fingertips; a place for their creativity and imagination to soar endlessly and wildly. 

These journals value learning through soothing curriculum that sees; art, expression, practical, intellectual, social and emotional skills and much more; 
all that is impeded in gentle child-led learning. 

I hope your wildlings enjoy these journals as much as I have loved creating them.
There is much more magic around the corner...

Please know these journals are currently only available as a digital download, please reach out to me for any questions, I am happy to help in any way I can.

With warmth and kindness,
Emily @littlewrens_treehouse

Mythical Journal Vol. 1; DRAGON 

A unit full of Folk Stories and Mysteries exploring all things Dragons! 
Write and draw your own story, 
Discover Dragons of the forest,
Read along with Dragon poetry,
Create your own Dragon mask,
And magical Footprint crafts, 
Plus so much more! 

Available in our ETSY Shop!


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