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By Emily @Littlewrens_Treehouse

The beginning of a new series!
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If you have a little visual learner like we do, I know you will all benefit from including these in your daily routines; or to help create a routine. Visual cards are perfect to use in your home, classroom or other environment, for effective and gentle assisted learning.

These cards specifically work by breaking the message for better and safer understanding of a task. Sometimes all our children need is a little helping hand and some flash cards to kickstart their routine and learn new skills. 
Visual learning helps break barriers and creates a connection that both adult and child benefit from, through understanding and communicating.


How to Use Visual Learning Cards in Your Home:

You might have guessed it - there is no right or wrong way to use visual learning cards!
As every child's learning is unique to them. 

However I am here to guide and inspire you with a few ways that you can begin to introduce visual cards:

• A Visual Board:
  Visual boards are an excellent learning tool no matter age.
For these cards you can use;
- 1x A3 size cardstock paper (or any paper)
- 2x Velcro Strips 
- Velcro Buttons
- 1 small container or basket for your cards.

You can use the Velcro strips to divide Morning & Night on the cardstock paper, and stick on your cards as per day / routine. 
Let your children take off each card as they have completed the task for the day. 

Find the perfect spot in your home to display your Visual Board and include your children in the daily learning and tasks. It is their Visual board, let them take the lead and decorate how they wish, maybe even decorate a border; this will encourage children to love what they are learning. 

A Visual Basket:
  Have a "special / distinctive " basket with your visual cards in. Story baskets work great as you can also create a story or theme with the cards, to expand the learning activity and to engage your little one in play.

• Stations:
  Placing the learning cards around your home within each station creates memory and routine for your children. For example, placing cards such as “wash hands”, “toilet”, “brush teeth”, “brush hair” etc., in your bathroom on clear display for your children.
- Place at eye-level height and teach you children to point or press the card of the skill/activity they are doing to allow recognition and repetition, thus enhancing memory, routine and skill.

Keep in mind, these examples are just that, examples. There is no right or wrong way to explore Visual Learning and it is not limited to; the possibilities are endless and children are always learning in their own unique ways. 

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Happy learning my friends.

With warmth & kindness,

Emily @littlewrens_treehouse



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