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Image by Graham Holtshausen

Little Wrens Treehouse

We are a small family with wild running in our hearts from Australia, sharing our homeschooling journey and passion for rekindling that wild spark. I, Emily, started up this space for wild-folk to connect, inspire and educate; as new seasons and years fold over, we welcome the change and I allow my passion to gently flow  and bloom, wherever it may lead us.

At Little Wrens Treehouse, we see the magic and wonder in every child.
We gravitate towards the great outdoors to dream and to see the wonders of the world, and learning always follows.

It is a place for the wild hearted; where we dream, learn, play, create and connect, through gentle wild learning and homeschooling. But also, it is a place I hold in my heart to connect and inspire other wild parents alike – to relate, to connect, to heal, to be inspired. I’m here to be real, and share real journeys, real struggles, real motherhood; although as I feel comfortable, I value my daughter’s privacy and vulnerable moments, as I do my own.

We draw our passions from the Steiner education approach – fostering the child.
By removing the pressures on children and allowing the child’s free spirit to soar, dream and learn through wild open play and curiosity.

Education is not a race, it is something to gently embrace.

Our nature play resources are filled with adventure and fun! Designed to get children and families outdoors to connect with each other and within. Our resources are seasonal, meaning they will be changed over to welcome the new season, new learning, new life and new adventures.

Children learn through example – that is, by visualising an activity performed by an adult or fellow child. I encourage you to join in, get your hands messy, cross the river, let the kitchen get messy with memories; lead by example of strength, say yes to that adventure your child keeps bugging you about.

Embrace these opportunities, and I trust that you will find endless laughter soaked in warm memories.

I hope you find yourself welcome here,


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