Little Nature Bugs

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Have you heard the little bugs talking? Let me tell you all about it!

I created 'Little Nature Bugs' to build a place for the wild hearted to create, learn and grow amongst nature. It's a play platform so to speak, for you to share your wild play, to connect with other like minded folk, and for you to gather information and inspiration to further share with your nature-seeking, adventure thrilling, wild little bugs of your own.

As a mother of an adventurous wild child, I'm deeply passionate about the gentle approach of holistic, child led learning. I'm constantly inspired by nature to develop an open-minded way of learning for my daughter to freely learn and grow within, at her own pace, and doing what she loves - exploring the wide world! There's a saying I love; 

"When children play in natural spaces, they're far more likely to invent their own games than in more structured settings - a key factor in becoming self-directed and inventive adults later in life" - Richard Louv.

Children are rich in wonder and we can certainly learn a lot from watching our children explore the world at their own free will - You'd be amazed how much your child can and will learn if we take away the structured and isolated learning. Most importantly, I advocate for letting kids BE kids! Our children are young and these years are painfully short, so let them be little and explore a little longer; live a little, laugh a whole lot more, love wildly and deeply.

So What's Involved?

Follow us @littlewrens_treehouse on Instagram to keep updated with all the wild fun!
We share monthly play prompts to our Instagram page for families to freely join and follow along for inspiration. 

Prompts are completely open to your own wild imagination and interpretations; we encourage you to slow down and connect not only with nature, but with each other. 

We also share a large variety of printable learning resources inspired by nature, for your wildlings to explore all of their favorite grubby, crawly ,muddy things!

Tag your wild play to our hashtag #littlenaturebugs , I personally share some favorites to further inspire and connect!



We are always learning and growing in nature - and most importantly, we are able to discover ourselves and what we love. 

Follow @littlewrens_treehouse for more & Tag your wild play to
#littlenaturebugs on Instagram.